Laboratory for Multimodal Neuroimaging | LMN

The Laboratory for Multimodal Neuroimaging (LMN) is an interdisciplinary research group. The main focus of research is the investigation of the neural basis of cognitive functions. It is headed by Prof. Dr. Andreas Jansen and is located the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the University of Marburg.


Our research questions are addressed by a variety of methods including behavioral experiments, multimodal imaging techniques (in particular magnetic resonance imaging, MRI) and computational modelling approaches.


The Laboratory for Multimodal Neuroimaging also operates, as one of the Core-Facilities of the University of Marburg, a 3 Tesla MRI scanner (“Core-Facility Brainimaging”). It offers access to state-of-the-art brain imaging technology to both colleagues from the University of Marburg and external collaborators. In this function, it collaborates with various research consortia, for instance the Research Unit FOR-2107 (“Neurobiology of Affective Disorders)”, the nationwide BMBF-funded multicenter consortia BIPOLIFE, PROTECT-AD and ASD-NET and the Collaborative Research Centres SFB/TRR-135 (“Cardinal Mechanisms of Perception”) and SFB-TRR-289 (“Treatment Expectation”).