New publication in Journal of Affective Disorders!

Our manuscript “Interaction of recent stressful life events and childhood abuse on orbitofrontal grey matter volume in adults with depression” got accepted by Journal of Affective Disorders (

New publication in Depression and Anxiety!

Our manuscript “Association of disease course and brain structural alterations in major depressive disorder” got accepted in Depression and Anxiety (

The richest man in the world gets control of the most influential social media network, of which he himself is one of the most powerful users. We see a problem with this. Therefore, we will not continue to use Twitter as a communication channel. A line should be drawn somewhere.

New publication in Human Brain Mapping!

Our manuscript “Association between stressful life events and grey matter volume in the medial prefrontal cortex: A 2-year longitudinal study” got accepted by Human Brain Mapping (

New publication in Nature Neuroscience!

Our manuscript “Genetic variants associated with longitudinal changes in brain structure across the lifespan” got accepted by Nature Neuroscience (