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📢 New preprint on the lateralisation of the #FacePerception Network

Project led by @ina_thome; together with Jannika Volk, Christoph Vogelbacher, Olaf Steinsträter, and @Andreas__Jansen ( @LMN_marburg)

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Pleased to announce our latest publication "Developmental changes within the extended face processing network: A cross‐sectional functional magnetic resonance imaging study" is now available on @ResearchGate:
"Revisiting the effective connectivity within the distributed cortical network for face perception" — Read our new publication on @ResearchGate:
Still wondering about faces you see in your morning coffee? ☕️ Our publication "“I Spy with my Little Eye, Something that is a Face…”: A Brain Network for Illusory Face Detection" is now available on @ResearchGate: