Before the corona pandemic: Group photos were still possible in 2017.

We are interested in understanding the brain systems involved in cognitive processes and their relevance for the development of mental disorders.

Successful scientific work requires a good working environment. We believe that a good environment is not only characterized by the technical equipment in a laboratory, but also by how we interact with one another.

Failure in its various manifestations is a constant companion of scientific practice. We believe that good research should not try to propagate “cartoon neuroscience”, overemphasizing the “exciting, big picture” by leaving out prosaic details.

“This man who had returned could not remember any time in his life when he had not been fired with the will to become a great man; […]. The trouble was that he knew neither how to become one nor what a great man is. In his school days his model had been Napoleon […]”

The Man without Qualities by Robert Musil

This famous quote from Musil nicely describes, at least if it is read slightly out of context, that success in science is nothing less than a multidimensional construct.